There isn’t a single event or show that doesn’t include a BLACKOUT!

BLACKOUT Lighting Design is a team of professional lighting designers with up to 15 years of experience in the industry. The idea under the name BLACKOUT is to gather good and reliable independent lighting designers in a group that can work together on a single project or individually covers different jobs at the same time. Because of that BLACKOUT is flexible, efficient, fast, reliable, innovative and as a group, it is stronger.

At BLACKOUT, we are passionate about our profession. As creative individuals, we are constantly looking for solutions for your common lighting problems. We believe that there are no problems and problems are just solutions looking for friends. We focus on clients’ needs, ideas, budget and commits to delivering a unique visual impact on the audience. With a lot of experience in working with high profile clients we bring good mood into the working enviroment.  BLACKOUT’s experience covers a variety of lighting industry needs:


The core BLACKOUT team consists of 4 experienced lighting designers: