Venue: Verona Ancient Roman Arena, Italy
Capacity: 12000
Director: Medvid production
Lighting design: Crt Birsa
Lighting director & operator: Crt Birsa
Lighting vendor: Eldra
Video content design: 2CELLOS & Zaor Kolar
Photo: Simone Di Luca, Fabrice Gallina, LumiLas

One of the most frustrating shows ever! Because of the rainy forecast we had to do a second design 3 days before the show and 150 out of 200 lights that were meant to be around the whole arena, needed to fit under one roof. Because of the rain everything was late, so we got the control under the whole rig 1 hour before doors. Nobody wants to know what happened before if the show is not right but thankfully the show was good in the end.