EMA (National Eurovision Preselection) 2014

Venue: Studio 1, Slovenian National Television
Capacity: 200 audience
Host: Ula Furlan
Director: Urska Znidarsic
Set design: Greta Godnic
Lighting design: Crt Birsa
Lighting director & operator: Crt Birsa
Lighting vendor: RTV inhouse & Event Lighting
Video content design: VJ Rasta
Photo: Jani Ugrin & Blackout

The biggest and most complicated project of Slovenian National Television is the national Eurovison preselection contest. Greta Godnic and Crt Birsa were asked to do this job last minute, just 2 weeks before the setup. Usually jobs like this are planned months before. They just choose Kaleidoscope topic for guidelines and voila. We did a 360 set and lighting design which worked out perfectly. Everything was on 20x20m studio floor: Stage, audience and green room.