EMA (National Eurovision Preselection) 2015

Venue: Studio 1, Slovenian National Television
Capacity: 100 audience
Hosts: Darja Svajger, Maja Keuc, Tinkara Kovac, Nejc Smit
Director: Urska Znidarsic
Set design: Greta Godnic
Lighting design: Crt Birsa
Lighting director & operator: Crt Birsa
Lighting vendor: RTV inhouse & Event Lighting
Photo: Jani Ugrin & Blackout

The wish of creatives for EMA 2015 was making a club. Crt Birsa & Greta Godnic made a black hole that could change into a lot of different looks. Because the walls were so dark, they could just disappear if there was no light shining on them. Also the lights behind the walls that were shining through the small dots did the whole new space. And then Sunstripes, Show Battens and CycFx fixtures combined with standard show lights made the place work in a lot of different ways.