Venue: Hall A, Exhibition centre, Ljubljana, SI
Capacity: 1000
Host: Alenka Godec, Uros Smolej, Anja Kriznik Tomazin, Tin Vodopivec, Perica Jerkovic
Director: Nejc Levstik
Set Designer: Greta Godnic
Lighting design: Crt Birsa
Lighting director & operator: Crt Birsa
Lighting vendor: Event Lighting
Photo: GG & Blackout

DSZG was a second edition of new born Slovenian Pop/rock music competition. Due to limited resources Greta Godnic and Crt Birsa were asked jus to modify EMA set design for purposes of these two music festivals. This time all the music was live, so no time code fun. It was fascinating to see how much different looks is possible to program on a set like this. Not one song was similar to any of the other 70 that was performed on this stage.