Venues: Biggest Balkan Arenas
Capacity: 12000 - 20000
Director: Nejc Levstik
Set Designer: Greta Godnic
Lighting design: Crt Birsa
Lighting director & operator: Crt Birsa
Lighting vendor: Ivas Group, Sky Music
Video content design: Den Baruca
Photo: Jani Ugrin

Severina is a balkan super star and the creative team (Greta Godnic, Nejc Levstik and Crt Birsa) was trusted to do her special tour. She does a tour like this every 4-5 years, so 2019 was the right time to do it. A lot of creative thinking, technical drawing, pre-programming and rehearsals was needed for this Magic to happen. We have designed a stage in a shape of a diamond and with all the other props took the show to the highest level in these places.